No Recovery, No Fee
Seguro del Hogar
Cuando una tormenta, inundación, huracán, incendio u otro incidente daña o destruye su casa o negocio, su compañía de seguros debe cubrir la mayoría de los costos de reparación. Muchas veces, la compañía de seguros rechazará o no pagará el total de su reclamación. Si usted siente que su compañía de seguros no ha resuelto su reclamación de la mejor manera posible, nuestro equipo de especialistas en seguro del hogar luchará para que reciba la mayor cantidad posible conforme a su póliza
Types of Cases We Handle
We can build the case you need to clearly show how the insurance company is violating the terms of your policy so that we can secure the full compensation you are entitled to. Our extensive experience has taught us how to fight insurance companies and win.

Daños por Huracán


Tuberías Rotas

Fuga en baños




Daños por tormentas tropicales

Water Damage

What to Do Before & After a Disaster

There are may things you can do before and after a disaster occurs to improve your chances of having a successful homeowners insurance claim. Having a plan in place can help you avoid costly pitfalls.

Before a disaster occurs:

  • Take photos of your property before a disaster to serve as a reference point for confirming the magnitude of the damage to your home. It is recommended you take photos of your property every year to ensure you always have a current record.
  • Back up business records regularly to allow the retrieval of client information, documents, and transaction histories in the event of a disaster.

After a disaster:

  • Protect your property from additional damage and remove anything that can damage your home further. Install a fence or barrier to keep your belongings safe.
  • Do not sign a contract for any non-emergency repairs. Your insurance company will likely need to consulted on pricing before any repairs are made.
  • Photograph and/or videotape the damage before you begin to clean up the area.
  • Consult the wording of your insurance policy, specifically regarding your rights and responsibilities.
  • Keep a detailed record of all expenses you incur related to the disaster for potential reimbursement.
Is Your Insurance Company Denying Your Claim?

Insurance companies can be ruthless hairsplitters when it comes to providing compensation after a claim has been filed. Too often, insurance companies deny or attempt to minimize the value of someone’s claim when the conditions are perfectly valid and should be covered fully.

We offer our skilled assistance to people facing all types of insurance claim problems, including:

  • Denials — Too many people face outright denials of perfectly valid insurance claims. We can help.
  • Property insurance claims — When your property has been damaged, you deserve to be helped.
  • Problems related to examinations under oath (EUO) — Before giving a statement under oath, it is good to have representation to help you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Hurricane damage claims — Is your insurance company trying to claim you are not covered for the specific type of damage your property suffered in a hurricane? Let us work to enforce your policy.
  • Hurricane claims against insurance agents — Did your agent get you the wrong coverage for hurricane damage? We can help you take action to hold them accountable for their mistakes.
  • Fire claims — Even if a fire only damages a portion of your property, the effects can impact the entire property and make it unusable/unlivable.
  • Sinkhole claims — Sinkholes can cause extreme damage to homes and other property. Let us help you enforce the terms of your policy.
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